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June 04, 2013

Infusion Champion School in the News

Infusion Champion School Mamquam Elementary has been in the news lately for their focus on the arts.

Featured in Pique News Magazine and The Squamish Chief, Mamquam has had a busy year, as Infusion Teaching Artist Andrea Klann has been collaborating with a dedicated team of educators to shape how arts integration will come to life in their school.

As Arts Integration Manager Terri Anne Wilson mentioned in the Pique article, the process will be unique at each of the six Infusion Champion Schools located throughout BC, and plans will continue to develop and grow.

"This is a living process…it moves and it breathes and it responds to the needs of the teams as they plan and develop what it is they hope to achieve," Wilson added.

The teams are now coming to the end of their first year of planning together, and are looking forward to the second year of the three-year cohort program, during which they'll have a chance to put some of their ideas into practice with students. Terri Anne is looking forward to the overall positive impact of arts integration:

"There's going to be an establishment of a really positive learning environment where students feel like they can take risks and where they can really explore possibilities and where we can really start to see a cooperative learning community created and nurtured," said Wilson.

Read more from Pique News Magazine and The Squamish Chief. We invite you to join the Infusion Community of Practice to share your thoughts and ideas about on learning in and through the arts.

Photo by Rebecca Aldous/The Chief

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