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November 16, 2012

Inspired to Give Back

One of the best things about working at ArtStarts is that you get to meet amazing people.

Yesterday we had a surprise visit from Vancouver artist Lisa Ochowycz, who stopped by to visit... and drop off a donation of $500!


She was inspired to do so after spending time making art with a group of grade 4-6 students in her studio. As she writes on her website:

I recieved laughter, excitement, smiles and above all inspiration. Inspiration to give back to the arts community that has continuously supported and encouraged me to follow my dream. From a very young age, my creative paths was fostered by the opportunity to participate in many art events.

In hopes to allow others the same opportunities, Lisa was inspired donate 20% of all sales from her klein series to youth art organizations in Canada! You can read about the story behind klein on Lisa's website.

When we asked Lisa about why she chose to give to ArtStarts, this is what she said:

It was my absolute joy and pleasure to be able to walk into ArtStarts (which does amazing work!!) and be able to contribute. Growing up as a budding artist, it was programs similar to yours, and worshops by local artists that nurtured my creativity. I am honoured to give back.

We are touched and honoured by Lisa's generosity and her dedication to helping bring art and creativity into young lives. Thank you, Lisa!

You can visit Lisa Ochowycz's studio in the Mergatroid Building this weekend during the Eastside Culture Crawl, which runs from November 16 to 18.

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