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May 29, 2013

ITA Exchange

On Friday, May 24th, our first cohort of Infusion Teaching Artists visited ArtStarts in Schools to share the experiences of their first year. For a full day, our ITA's shared some of the amazing work they have been initiating with our six Infusion Champion Schools.

They shared many highlights that spoke to the high level of commitment both artists and teachers at each school have to their profession and to the development of young learners around BC. The calibre of dialogue, and the extensive evidence of serious exploration of arts integration as an approach that emerged from our interaction were inspiring.

What struck us all was how incredibly unique each school is throughout BC! Each one has its own delicate eco system, and each artist has worked to maximize the talents, skills and resources of each environment they are working in.

Their attention to detail is truly commendable and with what they have experienced in their first year, they have all enthusiastically agreed that arts integration is an outstanding pathway to meaningful learning and classroom experiences for educators, artists and students.

Visit the Infusion Community of Practice to learn more about Infusion, and join the discussion about arts integration.

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