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February 18, 2020

Jessie and the Gumboot Kids at ArtStarts

How do the outdoors inspire you? This weekend we connect you with the marvels of the natural world through music with Jessie Farrell and the Gumboot Kids.

Jessie Farrell is a singer-songwriter with a passion for entertaining audiences with songs that connect with children and grownups alike. Having established herself as Canada's country music sweetheart she stepped out of the spotlight to raise her children. Naturally (pun intended) her children inspired her to write songs to share with them and other curious minds.

Find out what you can expect from her show:

1. How would you describe your artistic practice to someone who isn’t familiar with your work?                                    

Jessie: “I’m a singer/songwriter who is inspired by the natural world around me. My last five albums are inspired by being a Mom to my two little ones and our outdoor adventures. We love nature! So being a Momma has clearly been very educational for me as an artist. 

My five children’s albums include Take Me Outside, Chirp Chirp Happy, Sparkle & ShineMe and My Apple, and Sound Waves and they’re not only connecting with children but I’m proud to say people of all ages are connecting with these songs! Moms, Dads, teachers, grandparents—music that everyone can love and enjoy was my goal when writing these songs. 

The songs are featured on a CBC Kids series called The Gumboot Kids. These songs are also part of CBC’s free curriculums for teachers and homeschool families.” 


2. How long have you been a performing artist?

Jessie: “I’ve been making a living as a singer/songwriter for 20 years. I have played thousands of live shows and now I’m co-producing my albums as well.  Music has played a big part of my life since I was a child and makes the world make sense to me. It's always been my way of interpreting and wrapping my head around what I experience. Music plays a big role in my family too, my kids love being part of the process and they give me lots of constructive feedback!”


3. What is your favourite part of performing?

Jessie: “My favourite part about performing is that I love connecting with the audience. I love to share my gift of music with people and feeling their connection with me and my music fills me up. It’s an awesome feeling.”


4. What do you like about performing for young people? 

Jessie: “Children are so honest and this makes live shows so exciting and spontaneous! I always find a way to connect with kids and sometimes that means changing up the set on the fly or finding ways to really reach out and bring them all in. When I see young people or anyone dance and sing along, I’m so honoured and filled with gratitude.”


5. What are some of the outcomes you hope young people will take away from your performance?

Jessie: “My hope is that that the audience leaves happy, calm, and inspired. Young people don’t need to be overstimulated these days, so my goal is to leave the young people more connected and energized (not overwhelmed and drained!) I sing about tulips, woodpeckers, fossils, whales, bees, pumpkins, ponies, you name it! So my hope is kids who listen and dance along to the songs will also take an extra long look at what they see the next time they are outside.”


Find this free, family-friendly show be on Saturday, February 22 at the ArtStarts Gallery and Sunday, February 23, at River Market in New Westminster.

Each 45-minute performance takes place twice, at 11am and 1pm. Please arrive a little early as this is a popular program. Ideal for ages 7 and under, but all are welcome. Free! Donations welcome!

Thank you to Westminster Savings for supporting this monthly event at River Market.


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