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September 17, 2019

Music Meets Science at ArtStarts

Have you ever tried to play music with Lego before? How about humming a tune to the sounds of a spoon guitar? 

Next weekend we will be presenting Andy the Musical Scientist as part of this year's Culture Days celebration. This free show for families will highlight how technology and sound are related to one another and demonstrates ways to use recyclable items around the home to make beautiful music! 

Andy has performed and studied in over 20 countries and next weekend he will be sharing his passion with families at ArtStarts. 

  1. How would you describe your artistic practice to someone who isn’t familiar with your work?

[Andy] "My artistic practice is a very unique union of music and science. Both subjects are used to encourage mutual curiosity in each other.  While most people are familiar with the artistic aspects of creating music, few are aware that there is also a scientific component that draws upon physics and modern technological developments. Music is an ever-evolving aspect of our lives and I like to demonstrate how one can use modern technology and their own critical thinking processes to expand the boundaries of artistic creation.  There is a great deal of audience participation and interaction in my show with volunteers being invited up to try and even build some of my amazing inventions!"

  1. How long have you been a performing artist? 

[Andy] "I have been performing music since I was 6 years old, starting with a classical trio with my brother and sister. Now, 35 years later, I have been on an incredible journey that has involved touring the world with Delhi 2 Dublin, and a scholarship to study sitar in India!"

  1. What is your favourite part of performing?

[Andy] "My favourite part of performing is the thrill I get from expressing something that can not be expressed with words. I think all people, especially children, have these emotions (sometimes confusing) that they wish to express, but don’t know how to. Performing not only provides me with an outlet and medium for expression but also encourages others to seek out and explore these other avenues in life."

  1. What do you like about performing for young people? 

[Andy] "My favourite part of performing for young people is witnessing and hearing about how my performances have affected the lives of these children. After one performance, the principal told me that one of my volunteers had been having a very harsh year and never smiled, so the staff was thrilled to see him grinning ear to ear as he was playing my theremin! After my performance in Bhutan, I heard that the next day one of the Bhutanese children had shown up with his own version of a Tupperware instrument that I had played with them! His priceless comment, 'I felt so inspired, I wanted to be INSIDE the music!' One can only imagine how these experiences will influence them in later years."

  1. What are some of the outcomes you hope young people will take away from your performance?

[Andy] "The outcome I hope young people will take away is an understanding that there are endless options for creative and sometimes unconventional thought and expression. In an ever changing world, I feel like it will of great importance that the next generation learns to think creatively outside the box. My performance encourages children to explore their own unique creative avenues that they might have never witnessed or thought possible. In addition, I hope to encourage some kids to explore and create with their hands and take some time off from their iPhones."


We hope you can all join us for this free show designed for families next weekend! Performances will be on Saturday, September 28 at the ArtStarts Gallery and Sunday, September 29, at River Market in New Westminster. 

Each 45-minute performance takes place twice, at 11am and 1pm. Please arrive a little early as this is a popular program. Ideal for ages 7 and under, but all are welcome. Free! Donations welcome!


Thank you to Westminster Savings for supporting this monthly event at River Market.


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