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February 05, 2015

Musical Explorations with Vazzy!

This year's free weekend workshop series started off with a lot of "joie de vivre"! Families gathered at the both ArtStarts Gallery in Vancouver at at River Market in New Westminster over the weekend to be in the great company of talented musical duo Vazzy.

First off, Suzanne and Byrn introduced audience members to the sounds of instruments they have collected along their travels — the bagpipe, the violin and the tambourine! Then, through a delightful story about a boy, participants were treated to a song including a lively wooden puppet who tapped the beat to the sounds of the violin and foot percussion.

Next it was time for audience members to learn about the doumbek drum which is widely used in the Middle East, along with the harmonica, mandolin, mouth harp and musical spoons!

Participants were asked to join in and create some of their own percussion and sounds. They explored making sounds with musical spoons and adding their feet to the mix, then they listened for their turn to make delightful sounds.

Participants also explored French vocabulary as they learned about Suzanne's cultural heritage and her traditional Acadian music and songs. Happy families then sang along to a song about farm animals! Children clapped, bopped and laughed along as they imitated the various farm animals and their calls in French.

Then it was time to sing along to a traditional song of the Voyageurs — the paddlers and labourers of Canada's fur trade. Byrn played the banjo and Suzanne played the harp and encouraged audience members to clap along and practice their rowing as they reflected on the voyageurs travels by canoe.

Sharing a common love for music and culture, the audience participated in a live "percussion orchestra" where the drums, tambourines, shakers, bells and spoons culminated in a musical marching band of people having a lot of fun.

To close the workshop, Vazzy touched on significant aspects of our cultural heritage and encouraged audience members to keep their own family histories alive with storytelling and music. For more family friendly fun, be sure to try making your own spoon instruments at home!

Thank you to Suzanne and Bryn for sharing your Canadian French heritage, love of music, storytelling and dancing!

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Thanks to Boeing for their generous support of the ArtStarts on Saturdays series.

Thanks to Westminster Savings and River Market for their generous support of the ArtStarts at River Market series.




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