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August 20, 2009

My Volunteering Experience at ArtStarts

For a while now, I've been saying to whomever wants to hear it, that the highlight of my week is coming to ArtStarts to volunteer a few hours.

It's not because of the work I do here, since being a volunteer implies that I don't have a position with responsibilities that demands much creativity, I do basic office work and help a bit with gallery strikes and set-ups. Nonetheless, everything I do here I like very much.

The whole reason why volunteering here is the highlight of my week is because of the people working here, those professional, intelligent and socially responsible women really inspire me profoundly. Keeping an organization like ArtStarts going, and having so much success year after year, and growing like it does, demands dedication, focus and a love of the arts that is deeply rooted. Being part of this, even at such a small level as is the case with the position I have here, is so refreshing and inspiring; and that my dearies is why my weekly ArtStarts stint is so sweet to me.

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