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February 27, 2017

You're Invited to the Opening Event for Cause & Effect!

Opening Event for Cause & Effect at the ArtStarts Gallery

Join us to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition, Cause & Effect. Imagine the world as it was, is, or might be. Add a letter to our collective time capsule, experiment with gravity and impact by crafting your own Rube Goldberg-inspired domino effect, and create an edible model of your current—or future!—neighbourhood. Lay down streets of nori, build up a forest of broccoli, and nosh your way through a skyline of apples and carrots as you dream of the world around you.

Explore the themes presented in this exhibition, and join exhibition curator Juliana Bedoya, the ArtStarts team, and teachers, artists and students who participated in the exhibited projects, as they share their insights about the show. Artist Julie Hammond will be sharing her experience with the Future Markers and Site Stories project and will lead us in an edible experience as we turn our imagination—and taste buds—loose to create an edible map of our current or future city.

About the Exhibition: The current exhibition at the ArtStarts Gallery showcases a selection of projects from Kindergarten to Grade 12 students from 9 different schools across BC that unpack the question: What effects do the different layers of history, place and context that construct our present have on our future? From engineering contraptions that produce a chain reaction to sound mapping,  1,717 students made insightful reflections about place, memory and myth, interpreting narratives from the past and present—and making their own for the future.

WHEN: March 11, 2017
WHEN: 2-5 pm
WHO: Ages 6 & up
WHERE: ArtStarts Gallery, 808 Richards Street,Vancouver (map)

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