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April 03, 2013

Seed Tapestry: For the Birds!

Families at the March edition of ArtStarts on Saturdays ushered in Spring by getting in touch with nature and art. In a workshop called Seed Tapestry: For the Birds!, artist Sharon Kallis encouraged kids to explore art materials found in nature, such as seed pods and flowers.

Making use of a palette bursting with diverse colours and textures, everyone quickly became engrossed in creating shapes and patterns on the floor of the ArtStarts Gallery.

Working in collaboration was encouraged, which led to many beautiful surprises as the pieces evolved.

Families also spilled out onto the sidewalk to create patterns with birdseeds: yellow millet and black sunflower seeds.

This form of "eco tagging" allowed the young artists to make their mark on the world without leaving an impact. And it wasn't long before the first pigeons came to investigate!

Check out more photos on Facebook. Thanks to Sharon Kallis for a great workshop!

Stay tuned for the next ArtStarts on Saturdays!

ArtStarts thanks Boeing for their generous support of the ArtStarts on Saturday series.

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