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December 01, 2016

ArtStarts Team Updates

ArtStarts Team Updates

We are pleased to announce some recent updates to the ArtStarts team! Let us introduce you to some new and familiar faces…

Andrea Robin has embraced the role of Development Manager. Andrea started with ArtStarts as a volunteer, then dove into Booking and Touring shortly before finding her home in Development. Andrea is fascinated with learning about how we learn. With a BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University, Andrea's innate curiosity led her to study Neuroscience at Dalhousie University. Throughout her career, she has explored interconnections between the arts, science and education.

Andrea, what excites you about your new role as Development Manager?

Through helping to build the resources that are available for this important work, I'm excited to amplify the positive impact that ArtStarts enables for young people. We know that the values nurtured through arts integrated learning—creativity, innovation, discovery—are essential for the education of BC's young people. The skills and opportunities being provided by artists, educators, and families through ArtStarts' support is equipping young people to grow into the compassionate leaders, the global thinkers, the agents for change that their futures rely upon. I'm so lucky to be a part of the diverse, growing community that is pulling for this kind of action in society. Knowing that I'll get to continue to deepen my understanding of the power of quality education in a young person's life is very exciting for me.

Nargis Dhirani, previously a Gallery Coordinator, has taken on the role of Program Coordinator to support our Booking and Touring program. Nargis is an interdisciplinary artist, exploring all kinds of mediums including digital collage, sculpture, installation, video, painting and photography. Nargis regularly works in community programming to promote creativity and wellness through yoga and art.

Nargis, what are you looking forward to in your new role at ArtStarts?

I look forward to connecting with educators and artists to service their needs in creating artistic experiences for young people all across BC! I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this coordination that benefits artists, educators and young people. It is also so inspiring to see many artists who have turned their passions into their full time job through this program.

Krista Cameron is a Gallery Coordinator and she'll be one of the smiling faces you'll encounter in the ArtStarts Gallery on weekends and at special events. Krista describes herself as "a budding painter, former dancer, and art enthusiast" and she is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Arts for Social Change at Simon Fraser University.

Krista, what do you enjoy about the ArtStarts Gallery on weekends?

I love the opportunity I get to interact with the community, whether it's with first-time visitors or the families who come regularly to our ArtStarts on Saturdays workshops! The gallery is this beautiful intersection between amazing artwork by students and the people who walk through the doors. The visitors not only get to take in the art projects but also get to make their own meaningful connections through the activities and through their own thought processes. Art is magic! Witnessing these moments and when our gallery becomes fully alive during our workshops is incredible.

Kay Slater is a Gallery Coordinator and you'll meet her over the weekend at the ArtStarts Gallery. She will also be leading gallery tours in French. Kay also works her magic behind the scenes to install gallery exhibitions at ArtStarts (working with Gallery Manager Juliana Bedoya) and at other galleries in the Lower Mainland. Kay is a multidisciplinary artist and an engaged, creative force in the community.

Kay, why are you motivated to work with ArtStarts?

I am stoked to work in an accessible and fun space that promotes art making, creative learning and critical thinking for young people. I can see it when children visit here that there is a sense of ownership and belonging that you don't see in more mature spaces. And by creating this kind of agency, it presents a really lovely way of looking up through the arts and allowing people of all ages to approach art in a simple, untrained and inquisitive way.

We feel very fortunate to work with these creative, insightful and talented women to bring our organization's mission and vision to life.

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