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April 24, 2013

Thanks to our Amazing Volunteers!

Thanks to our Amazing Volunteers!

During National Volunteer Week, we're highlighting some of the talented people we're fortunate to work with here at ArtStarts. We're honoured to have volunteers dedicate not only their time, but moreover their talents and skills. From experience in event planning to finance to art to education and more, we're constantly impressed by the diverse talents of our volunteers.

Special Events Assistant and Exhibition Assistant are some of the volunteer positions at ArtStarts that benefit from a range of volunteer skills. In these roles, volunteers assist with special events and projects as they arise, such as exhibition openings, strikes and installations, and our annual Showcase and Conference.

Here are a few photos of Special Events Assistants helping out with the ArtStarts Showcase and Conference. It's such a busy time of year, we can't thank these volunteers enough for helping get everything ready in time for the event, as well as helping at the venue throughout the conference.

Rania prepares special interactive table covers for the Showcase delegates

Over at the Orpheum Annex, Andrea helps cover the tables and distribute up Artists on Tour Directories for delegates

Hansu helps out at the Showcase reception for delegates and artists

Here are some photos of Exhibition Assistants working on the latest installation in the ArtStarts Gallery for Botanimalogy. You'll see that they are great problem-solvers and can handle any challenge that arises.

Kori researches bird names in English and Latin to label each of member of the paper mache flock

James gets ready to add some colour to the entranceway

James makes a splash (of colour)

Mio tends to one of the treetops that will live in the Gallery during the exhibition

Rita carefully measures level lines on the gallery walls

Taking a break to admire the (indoor!) scenery

Sophie colours in the grid

Now that the wall is painted, Hanson helps prepare for hanging artwork

Francois, Rita and Mio plan how to hang the pieces

Jacquie reviews each piece to make sure its ready to go up on the wall

Kevin installs artwork... The exhibition is coming together!

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow!

National Volunteer Week takes place from April 21-27, 2013. Post a message of thanks to Canada’s volunteers on the National Volunteer Week Thank You Wall.

If you're interested in volunteering at ArtStarts, learn more at

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