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April 26, 2013

Three Cheers for Volunteers!

Happy National Volunteer Week! This week, we've been sharing photos and stories about our amazing volunteers. We just can't thank them enough for all that they do. We're always so pleased to hear that they enjoy volunteering at ArtStarts as much as we like having them here.

Here's what one of our volunteers had to say about her experience:

"Why do I love to volunteer with ArtStarts? Every time I walk in the door, I feel a sense of positive community. I feel like I am a part of a team, because there is an appreciation for all that the volunteers do. Excitement and enthusiasm radiates with every project I encounter and this in turn creates an environment that brings about a confidence and happiness in me." —Kori

As mentioned earlier this week, there are a few different ways to volunteer at ArtStarts. The final type of volunteer opportunity to mention is for Co-op Students, Career Practicums and Career Training. For students interested in exploring or enhancing their non-profit experience, ArtStarts offers a range of opportunities within our gallery and office space.

Right now, we're happy to have Stefanie working with us for three weeks. Stefanie is a UBC practicum student from the Department of Education. She's already been busy working with Exhibitions Manager to create an handbook for the current exhibition, and to develop interactive activities for the Gallery for visitors of all ages, and more. We're fortunate to have Stefanie dedicating her time and expertise.

If you're interested in volunteering at ArtStarts, visit to learn more about the different volunteer opportunities available:

  • Gallery Assistant
  • Family Volunteers
  •  Special Events Assistant and Exhibition Assistant
  • Co-op Students, Career Practicums and Career Training

National Volunteer Week takes place from April 21-27, 2013. Post a message of thanks to Canada’s volunteers on the National Volunteer Week Thank You Wall.

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