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October 15, 2013

Touring Artists: Share Your Travel Tips!

ArtStarts' online Guide to BC Schools provides information for artists who are touring BC schools. This guide offers invaluable information on what's happening in school districts around the province. Each district profile provides information on the geographical region, the number of schools and students in each area, contact information and a map of schools.

We've just updated this guide to include new features:

  • Interactive map of BC school districts and regions
  • Google Maps of schools in each district to help make route planning easier
  • Artist Touring Tips: What you need to know when travelling through difference parts of BC

Calling all Touring Artists! We need YOUR help to make this guide a rich resource for artists touring BC schools.

Do you have advice about a place you've visited on tour?  What's the best route to take? When do you need snow tires? What's the best coffee shop in town?  Share your tips and help ensure that touring artists have a successful and rewarding tour. We will add your helpful comments to our Guide to BC Schools.

Submit your tips for touring artists and explore the Guide to BC Schools.

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