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November 30, 2009

Toward Cultural Harmony

Students at Handsworth Secondary in North Vancouver concluded a special music project with a concert at their school Friday afternoon. Working with a composer-in-residence, several world music experts, and mentors from Sinfonia Orchestra, a group of students collaborated over several months to create cross-cultural musical works that reflect their ideas on matters of cultural understanding, pluralism and community building.

cultural harmony 2

cultural harmony 3

The final performance was a guerrilla-style event. Members of the Sinfonia Orchestra came in to perform pieces composed by the students, as well as traditional songs from a variety of cultures. They set up in the hallway and began their performance as classes were filing out after the final bell, causing some surprise as students made their way through the hall. The performance incorporated mixtures of orchestral music, electroacoustic compositions, and spoken word. What a way to end the school day!

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