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June 16, 2014

Drawing Up Fun at Vancouver Draw Down

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather on Saturday to take part in Vancouver Draw Down!

Our event was called Time/Line, and through various drawing activities, participants explored the question, "Can time be drawn?" This theme ties into our current exhibition, Timescapes, which features artwork by young people exploring natural indicators of time.

There were several time-based drawing experiments throughout the ArtStarts Gallery.

On the front window of the gallery, people were asked "How old are you in tree?" They then drew a ring for each year of their life, to mimic how a tree records the passage of time as it grows.

In "Draw O''Clock", visitors thought about what they did at a particular hour of the day, then drew their answers on a collaborative piece shaped like a giant clock.

"Scribbling Machines" were fun little robots that drew marks while they moved about. From three-legged motor-controlled pen creatures to a slow, but hard working wind-up turtle dragging a pen, each scribbling machine had it's own personality and drawing style.

Upstairs in the Lab, visitors had fun "Drawing with Light". Armed with various coloured flashlights and glow sticks, people drew in the air while the lights were turned off in the room. A long-exposure camera caught the fabulous results of 15 creative seconds in the dark.

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