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August 22, 2013

Vancouver Shapes Me By...

YoungStarters at ArtStarts

Day 3's YoungStarters meet up was an incredibly productive session. The YoungStarters started the day by heading out into the city and asking people on the street to complete the sentence: "Vancouver shapes me by…"

After spending the morning talking to Vancouverites in the downtown core, everyone came back into the ArtStarts Lab to talk about their experiences over lunch. (We spend a lot of brainstorming time with food!)

With their brains full of ideas and great conversations and their bellies full of food, it was time to let all those great ideas unravel onto paper. The YoungStarters started sketching, bringing in ideas from the morning, their experience of visiting the site last week and the influence of the entire group's eclectic drawing aesthetic. Once their sketches were done, it was a surprisingly quick and very organic 15 minutes of excitedly cutting up their sketches and arranging them into a long composition.

They have also been meeting during the week to finalize the colour palette. Here is the very ambitious result of all their collaborative effort! Click on the image below to see a larger version of the plan.

We start painting this Saturday, August 24!

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