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July 07, 2015

Welcome to Our Gallery Coordinator, Nargis Dhirani!

If you've been to ArtStarts on Saturdays or if you've visited the ArtStarts Gallery on the weekend, chances are you recognize Nargis' smiling face. Here on the ArtStarts blog, we are long overdue in officially welcoming Nargis Dhirani to the ArtStarts team as our Gallery Coordinator. Please join us in giving her a warm welcome!

Before joining the ArtStarts staff, Nargis volunteered at ArtStarts for a couple of years, helping out as a Gallery Assistant and for every Strike and Install process. We interviewed Nargis last year as part of our ongoing Meet a Community Art Star series. Today, we asked Nargis a few questions about herself, new role in the organization, and her ongoing passion for the arts…

How did you start volunteering at ArtStarts?

I had just moved back to Vancouver and was excited to be in a city where the importance of art in the community was considered and encouraged. As soon as I found out about ArtStarts and all the incredible things they do, I came in to visit the gallery and handed in an application to volunteer. After two years of offering my help in the gallery, I was so fortunate to be hired as Gallery Coordinator!

What do you like most about being Gallery Coordinator?

I love engaging the community in creative ways with themed art stations and workshops. I really enjoy giving tours to the community, to see the process and results of encouraging creative learning in education. Also, I get to witness teachers, artists, parents and children leave the gallery inspired and yearning to add more creativity in their life. 

What aspect of what ArtStarts is or does appeals to you most?

ArtStarts' aim to promote creativity and art in young people resonates deeply with me. I too believe in the strength that art holds and the power it has to create social change. ArtStarts' mission to provide innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for the arts in education, aligns with my career values as an artist and educator

What role do the arts play in your life?

As an interdisciplinary artist, I work in many mediums but I use my skills and creative eye in everything I do. From the layout and decor of my living space, to food that I cook, to my everyday outfits… I believe that anything can be an expression of the self.

Thanks to Nargis for everything that you do to support ArtStarts' mission and vision—and for bringing much joy and creativity into our Gallery space!

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