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June 26, 2017

Welcome to Our New Administrative Coordinator, Krista Cameron!

Welcome, Krista!

Please join us in welcoming Krista Cameron to her new role at ArtStarts as Administrative Coordinator!

Hi Krista! Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a born and raised Vancouverite and have been immersed in art all throughout my life. I love to dance and paint and play in the beautiful backyard we have in BC. I am currently doing my M.Ed in Art for Social Change at SFU and have a degree in Human Geography. I am so inspired by how instrumental the arts are in enriching our communities and feel so proud to be working for an organization that brings art experiences into young people’s lives!

How has your position at ArtStarts evolved since you started?

I first started my involvement at ArtStarts as a volunteer. I was so impressed by the creativity and values embodied by the team and the organization that I knew it was a place I had to be. Almost immediately, the opportunity to become a Gallery Coordinator came about and I jumped at the possibility! Our gallery is an incredible testament to the endless possibilities and creativity that come from the minds of young people. At the gallery, I got to work on the front lines, engaging with our community and witnessing those magical moments that happen through art. Eager to learn more about how a charitable arts organization like ArtStarts works, I was more than ready to take on a new role as Administrative Coordinator when the opportunity came about. My role means supporting many areas in our office administratively, to make sure all our programs can flourish to the fullest. I feel so lucky to be immersed in such innovation and creativity, and to be able to work with a team dedicated to bringing creativity into the lives of young people across BC.

Where did art start for you?

Art started for me as soon as I could live and breathe! Living is an art. Part of being human means having the need and the ability to feel and express how we are experiencing our position in the world and art allows us to do this. Feeling a sense of presence, whether through smelling flowers, admiring the colours and textures all around me, or feeling the rhythm that danced into my body when music came on, art is something I can remember so early in my childhood. I think those experiences are innate and grow and produce wonderful capabilities of expression when they are nourished.

How do you define creativity?

Creativity is the ability to think of many different ideas for a topic and come up with the best one for the subject. It is not about artistic ability, it is about possibility and thinking outside the hexagon!

How does creativity play a role in your life today?

It plays out in a range of roles. From as simple as finding the best way to plan my day or get to work, to daydreaming about my next painting and how I could represent an image or idea in paint.

Why are ArtStarts' mission and vision important to you?

ArtStarts is important to me because art is essential for human connection and expression and every child deserves the opportunity to embrace their creative voice in order explore what is possible through it!

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