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September 02, 2014

Zaccheus Jackson, Rest in Peace and Poetry

Zaccheus Jackson

Everyone at ArtStarts in Schools is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Zaccheus Jackson. We would like to extend our sympathies to his family and friends.

Zaccheus had recently joined the ArtStarts family, coming on board as an Artist on Tour. This Fall, he was set to travel to schools across the province to share his unique voice, his energy and wisdom with young people.

"Zaccheus Jackson Nyce was an incredibly bright star," said ArtStarts Booking and Touring Manager Sarah Kim. "His infectious smile and energy inspired and influenced me and anyone who had the opportunity to meet him or see him perform. His enthusiasm for working with young people was so evident and meant so much to him. I enjoyed our conversations and laughs, and was excited to share his talents with young people around BC and watch the ripple effects of his artistry. Rest in peace and poetry, Zaccheus."

Both on and off the stage, he impressed everyone with his rapid-fire banter, warmth and huge smile. His words had the power to make you laugh or cry, to make you see a situation though new eyes, to make you want to stop everything — and just listen.

Zaccheus performed at the ArtStarts Showcase and Conference this past Spring, in front of a mesmerized audience of educators, school administrators and community presenters. Here are some of their comments following Zaccheus' performance:

"Should be at the top. The next best thing. Revelatory. Changed everything about how I think about poetry and literature."

"Powerful personal stories and powerful messages that need exposure! Excellent."

"Awesome! Engaging and real. Will definitely be asking for him."

"Loved Zaccheus and his message."

"An empowered, fun man whose energy and enthusiasm is contagious and empowering."

"Energy, passion, attention-grabbing. The message of the spoken word-communicates with rhythm, rhyme and reality."

The impact of Zaccheus' personality and performance stayed with those who saw him on stage. We recently received this kind message from a high school principal in Windermere, BC:

"It was with shock that I learned of the tragic death of this amazing young man. He was a true artist and I know he had overcome a lot of adversity. His performance at the showcase moved me intensely — it is such a great loss… to lose such a beacon of hope and positivity."

Zaccheus, we will miss you.

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