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Creativity Unpacked

Think you're not creative because someone once told you that you couldn't draw? Think again!

This workshop is designed to unpack the creativity myth that equates "creative" with "artistic" by inviting participants to explore the creative process and investigate the nature of their own creativity.

  • Creativity is an extended process involving many steps rather than a single a-ha moment.
  • Creativity is choosing the path of curiosity instead of the path of fear. Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye. Dorothy Parker
  • Creativity is about liberating human energy. Howard Gardner
A group of people hold up a black cardboard frame to their faces

Workshop Description

This hands-on workshop explores concepts divergent thinking and inquiry. Through art, play and interactive exercises, participants will tap into their innate creative potential and discover that creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Participants will walk away with increased creative confidence as well as practical ideas and tools to apply to their professional and personal lives.
A person leads a facilitation for a group of coworkers as part of ArtStarts' Creativity Unpacked services

Workshop Details

This hands-on workshop is ideal for team-building and energizing groups to work together more effectively.

  • Facilitated by: ArtStarts Staff
  • Number of participants: 10 - 20
  • Where: ArtStarts Lab (808 Richards Street, Vancouver)
  • Cost: By donation (suggested amount: $759)
Want to book this workshop?
Email: [email protected] or
Call to speak with Jules at 778-945-1715
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The Creative Process

Graham Wallas, an English social psychologist and London School of Economics co-founder, developed this insightful theory in 1926, outlining the four stages of the creative process:
  • Preparation: Research, planning and entering into the right frame of mind.
  • Incubation: A period of unconscious processing spent either in conscious mental work on other problems, or in a relaxation from all conscious mental work.
  • Illumination: That flash of insight where things click together and connections happen.
  • Verification: Testing the validity of the idea and deducing next steps.
It is important to note that the creative process is a cycle and each stage does not exist in isolation from the rest.