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77% of Grade 12 students in BC don't feel prepared for a job in the future

BC Ministry of Education Satisfaction Survey 2015/16


What does "prepared" mean when 65% of school children will be employed in jobs that don't exist yet?
US Department of Labor

How might we ensure young people nurture their innate creativity to navigate a complex world?

Every year, ArtStarts programs bring over 675,000 unique art experiences to kids and yet there are still some schools who still don't have access to programs like these.

The integration of art into all aspects of education enables students to make sense of their learning and develop their innate creative capacities to successfully navigate the complex and rapidly changing reality of the 21st century.

Help us reach our goal of $20,000 to provide equitable access and ensure all kids can unlock their creativity so that they have the tools to navigate a complex world.

Join Team Creativity by becoming a monthly donor. Monthly donors are important because they provide sustainable and predictable revenue and it's a greener way to give.

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Meet Our Matching Donor

Meet Our Matching Donor

Manny Padda is an entrepreneur, angel investor and philanthropist.

"My parents have always believed that education is the most powerful tool to overcome systemic barriers, which is why I have made it my personal mission to educate over one million children worldwide.

When I found out that 65% of the jobs our children will end up doing doesn't even exist yet, it reinforced my belief that creativity is more important now than ever.  We need to cultivate creative, adaptive thinkers to help kids navigate the unknown. I believe that art in schools is a direct way to provide them with these skills.

This is why I am supporting ArtStarts and why I will personally match up to $10,000 on all new monthly donors before December 31, 2018 for the entire year."

Become a monthly donor before December 31, 2018 and your donation will be doubled for an entire year!

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Meet Nellie

Meet Nellie

Grade 12 Student & ArtStarts Monthly Donor

"I went to an elementary school that encouraged arts-based learning, and one year we came to ArtStarts on a field trip to visit the Gallery. My understanding of art and creativity expanded that day. This is why I know that art in education is so powerful. It allows us to truly understand the material we’re learning.  When I have to create something in order to show what I’ve learned, it requires way more depth of understanding and applied knowledge than memorizing a textbook and repeating questions. 

This type of learning is why I feel confident in my ability navigate through whatever comes after graduation and I want more kids to feel this way.”