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Common Ground

October 17, 2015 to March 27, 2016

This exhibition features a variety of projects that present how students in schools across British Columbia explored their local landscape and its relationship with the people, animals and plants who live there.

Dynamic environments and ecosystems became hubs for artistic investigations. Experiential learning provided opportunities for students to engage in diverse art forms such as drawing, weaving, felting, printmaking and embroidery. Students gained an enhanced understanding of native and invasive plant species and the animals that depend on them. They cultivated an appreciation of the relationships between natural resources and the traditions of local Aboriginal cultures that have maintained a strong connection to the land from ancestral times.

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Exhibition Photos

  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra

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Visitor Comments

  • "I think the artwork here is a wonderful representation of talented kids and youth in our community! Thank you!"
  • "Beautifully displayed with an important educational component. Thank you!"
  • "I learned so much! What an amazing and special place."
  • "This is a very interesting approach to learning about the environment and one that is bound to have a great and long lasting impact on the kids and their relationship with the world! I wish I was a part of this when I was younger!"
  • "I love the fun and interactive bits of the gallery! Everyone has produced wonderful work and here! Pats on the back to all the creative souls and those devoted to spreading this beauty!"
  • "Lovely time out to work at the art of youth. Refreshing!"
  • "Beautiful exhibit—inspiring use of native plants and art making showcasing weaving, nature dyes and elements of flora and fauna."
  • "What a great idea and such beautiful exhibits. I hope the program lasts a long time!"
  • "Amazing organization and space!"
  • "Weaving was great! So grateful to have your programs in our community!"
  • "You learn something new every day!"
  • "Great place and awesome opportunity for children to discover!"
  • "Lots of creative inspiration."
  • "Love what you contribute to the community! Creativity makes life worth living!"
  • "I am always inspired and hopeful for children and education when I see the art created and shown here. "
  • "Thank you! A great, informative, fun day! "


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