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Digging in Deep: Youth Photovoice Project

November 6, 2016 to February 26, 2017

Sixteen Vancouver secondary school youth from Grades 9 to 12 were co-researchers in a Photovoice research project exploring connections to food, gardening and mental well-being. The photos and stories in this exhibition are powerful examples of the link between their growing food and cooking experiences and the importance of relationships, not only with friends and family but also with nature. The garden provided youth with a safe place for building resiliency, such as mastery of food literacy skills, personal growth and managing stress.

The project was led by Vancouver Coastal Health Public Health Dietitians, Vanessa Lam and Kathy Romses; and Photovoice Artist, Christine Germano, Artistic Director of the Constant Arts Society. Participating youth include those from Take a Hike Program at John Oliver Secondary School, Windermere Leadership Program from Windermere Secondary School, Carrot Club and Green Team from David Thompson Secondary and Youth Organized Volunteer Opportunities group at Renfrew Park Community Centre.

This project was supported by a VCH Research Institute Research Challenge grant funded by the Robert N. Ho Enhancing Patient Care Fund.

Digging in Deep: Youth Photovoice Project

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Visitor Comments

  • "The stories are very powerful. I like the one about the strawberry… and I like the one about cooking…and making friends…it shows how food really brings people together."
  • "Wow! Just amazing work. Congratulations to all the youth who have participated in this project. Continue to pursue what you love!"
  • "All the stories, all the poems, it's all connected in a way. How everybody in the end appreciates the food, how food is connected with our well-being and how they realize that now or realized it before, too."
  • "Congratulations to all the youth and staff involved in the Photovoice project! Enjoyed the photos, poems, stories and reflections. Thank you!"
  • "People are more thoughtful about what they are thinking about and they notice all the things, like the little tiny stuff."
  • "I really enjoyed the photos and activities here today. Thank you!"