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Dwellings: From Seabeds to Cityscapes

October 25, 2014 to March 29, 2015

Where we live—and how we inhabit that space—shapes our experiences, our culture, and even who we are.

In this exhibition, we invite you to explore the many ways in which young people from across BC have reflected on their immediate surroundings and examined the concept of dwelling—in both human and natural worlds.

Investigate how creatures in different habitats interact with the spaces they inhabit, envision the human body as a dwelling space, imagine habitations for people in the future, and delve into many other creative contemplations on where we dwell.

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Exhibition Photos

  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra

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Visitor Comments

  • "We love this place. So awesome!"
  • "I feel lighter, brighter!"
  • "I liked the young people's art! Thank you!"
  • "At first I thought the dry point etching on a CD were the best! As I moved around the gallery it was hard to choose a favourite. Great exhibition. Keep up the creative work!"
  • "I was inspired to bring a similar idea back to my hometown!"
  • "It was very creative and absolutely inspiring."
  • "It's an impressive, amazing gallery. I wish all teachers and little artists luck."
  • "A wonderful way to introduce children to the arts as mediums and as social practice. Thank you!"
  • "Super califragitistico!"
  • "Super duper very awesome. "
  • "Awesome! I love it. I painted a tree with bushes, I had a lot of fun today at the gallery."
  • "Thank you for the tour. I just love all the beautiful art work made by all the kids!"
  • "Left with a mind full of fresh, new, exciting ideas!"
  • "Amazing. I loved seeing all these works of art from around the province! As well as my own... AHA!"
  • "My favourite part was seeing my art."


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