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Maker Space

April 2019 - March 2020

Get ready to make anything you can imagine⁠—especially mistakes⁠—at Maker Space at ArtStarts! This new exhibition transforms our Gallery into a studio where you can try your hand at drawing, printmaking, drafting, sewing, prototyping, photography, and more! Come visit and help us put the A in STEAM by making a mess and exploring how the arts are a part of all the ordinary and extraordinary objects we make around us. Everything in this open studio is designed to be reusable, breakable, hack-able, and reconfigured by young makers. Welcome to Maker Space⁠, where it’s all about the process!

The only free Maker Space specifically built for young people and their families in Vancouver, this exhibition is safe for young makers of all ages AND our environment: everything is hands-on, low-waste, and reusable, with tools that everyone can use! Concerned about your computer skills or your young maker’s screen time? Don’t worry; this intergenerational space is also low-tech!

The ArtStarts Gallery is the only public gallery in Canada dedicated to fostering young people's creativity —that’s why we’re so excited to welcome you to our Maker Space, where children and youth can explore, build, and collaborate in the spirit of the DIY movement.

Share your experience at our Maker Space on social media by using tagging your photos with #asmakerspace #makespaceformistakes and #spacewall4all!

Maker Space

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  • Maker Space at ArtStarts, free activities for kids in Metro Vancouver
  • Design and prototype your creations at Maker Space at ArtStarts
  • Dress-up and model your creation at the only free public Gallery dedicated for kids.

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