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Movement is for Every Body

July 2018 to Spring 2019

Think you can’t dance? ArtStarts knows you can!

Welcome to Movement is for Every Body, a two-part exhibition showcasing movement, dance, and accessibility. Who gets to call themselves a dancer? What’s dance and what’s movement? Is there a difference? Get ready to explore these questions—and challenge how you’re usually supposed to move in an art gallery! If you’ve ever been told to stand still, slow down, hurry up, keep up with the group, or stop moving in an art gallery, this exhibition is for you!

From July to September, we’re highlighting students, teachers, and artists creating while on the move, from classrooms to art galleries and all around their neighbourhoods. From building humans of the future to dancing to the Beatles, these students are shaking up what it means to learn through movement. Part one of Movement is for Every Body features four schools and 557 students and is on now until Friday, September 21, 2018.

From October until Spring 2019, we're transforming the gallery into a pop-up dance studio! Visit us to play around in our space with projected images, light, and music. Learn about different ways to move by following people dancing on the walls, make your own choreography, or be the DJ - it’s up to you! Part two of Movement is for Every Body launches the week of October 21, 2018.

Enter our gallery to move, play, and dance—because #artmovesus and #artisessential for every body!

A Note About Access:

This exhibition encourages art on the move! Visitors are encouraged to follow a series of dotted lines throughout the spaceall bodies can follow all the lines, but may do so in different ways. We ask visitors to be respectful of their neighbours’ personal space and the artwork while moving throughout the Gallery. All bodies are good bodies! ArtStarts is a wheelchair accessible space equipped with a lift and accessible washrooms. ASL interpretation is available for events and tours by request.

Movement is for Every Body

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