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PIP - Our Touring Exhibition!

July 2022 - March 2023

PIP is the ArtStarts Gallery’s second touring exhibition! It expresses themes of anti-bullying and celebrates what makes us different! 

PIP is inspired by conversations that took place at our inaugural Youth Insight Event in July, 2022. Youth shared their experiences and ideas with us, and developed prototypes of what kinds of arts activities they would like to see come to their communities. This exhibition honours these thoughtful and timely contributions.

Through a series of playful and multisensory activities, this exhibition welcomes curious learners to 

  1. Consider moments of personal change and transformation by interacting with our story station, 
  2. Develop empathy by engaging with our self-portrait gallery,
  3. Practice self-expression by designing unique clothing and accessory items, 
  4. And much, much more!

The projects featured in this exhibition took place in various locations across colonial British Columbia and were made possible through ArtStarts in Schools’ Artists in the Classroom program and support from BC Gaming.

To access the exhibition study guide, follow this link.

PIP - Our Touring Exhibition!

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Exhibition Photos

  • Pip from the side
  • Two kids interacting with PIP
  • Pip's face
  • A group of children playing in PIP's closet
  • Two kids playing with PIP
  • A child playing with PIP's story station
  • A group of kids interacting with PIP

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