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Sound Play

September 28, 2013 to March 29, 2014

When is a bike also a musical instrument? What sound does a Gamelan make? How can you make sound visible?

Visit the ArtStarts Gallery and be immersed in an exciting sonic experience. Sound Play is an interactive exhibition exploring music, acoustics, composition and sound-making, featuring installations and artwork by students from across BC and by professional artists working with young people. 

Pedal sound-making bikes, listen to original songs, experiment with a cymasium and more. Connect with your own rhythm as you explore multi-instrumentalist Boris Sichon's global collection of musical instruments from around the world.

Come play with us!

Sound Play

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Exhibition Photos

  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra
  • Photography by Juan Martinezguerra

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Visitor Comments

  • "I appreciated very much seeing that art also is for children."
  • "The girls has a blast! Thank you. You are doing an awesome job."
  • "Also fun for the young at heart!"
  • "The sound exhibit rocks!"
  • "Amazing interactive play."
  • "Very fun. Even though I was shy and did not play with too many things all that much, I appreciated the craft, design and the fact that some people decided to put on a show and share all this cool stuff!"
  • "Incredible fun!!! Thank you so much!"
  • "Such an inspiring and creative space. Love it."
  • "Terrific! I love being able to 'participate' with art."
  • "Always inspiring."
  • "Sounds good."


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