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November 14, 2018

Journey as an Artist on Tour - Kellie Haines

Kellie Haines shared with us an inspiring story of her journey bringing a project to fruition in the classroom through professional development opportunities she accessed through ArtStarts programs as well as the support of an Artists in the Classroom grant. How can bringing a professional artist into the classroom benefit you and your students? Kellie’s experience demonstrates the value that ArtStarts provides to artists, teachers, and students, and provides a great example of why arts education is essential.


November 07, 2018

Meet Our New Artists-in-Residence

ArtStarts Gallery, Artists In Residence

Written by Leah Horlick, Program Manager -  ArtStarts is thrilled to introduce you to our very first artists-in-residence! Between now and March 2019, three emerging movement artists will demonstrate to young people and families that a fulfilling career in the movement-based arts is possible, and demonstrate to teachers that art is an essential part of education.


October 29, 2018

ArtStarts At Rivermarket: Robin and the Timeless Forest with Runaway Moon Theatre

Robin and the Timeless Forest

By Maira Ramirez, Special Events Coordinator - We had the wonderful opportunity to host the team from Runaway Moon Theatre at ArtStarts at RiverMarket this October. Robin and the Timeless Forest is a great show that immediately captivated the audience with its unique stage set-up, special visuals and light effects. Throughout the show, the members both voiced and manipulated puppets and marionettes, engaging the crowds with their characters and creative storyline.


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