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October 08, 2013

An Inspiring Week at the Infusion Studio Arts Integration Learning Lab in Nelson, BC

An Inspiring Week at the Infusion Studio Arts Integration Learni

We are still receiving comments and reflections from our most recent Infusion Studio offering: The Arts Integration Learning Lab, which took place in Nelson, BC this past September. With participating artists from across the Columbia Basin region, and facilitated by Heather Dean, Navida Nuraney, Ewa Sniatycka, Terri Anne Wilson and Sadie Yancey, this week turned out to be an incredible experience for both the facilitators and artists taking part.

The event, grounded in principles of arts integration, brought everyone through a series of interactive and hands-on activities that created the space and time to explore a variety of principals through an arts based approach. Artists had a chance to collaborate, present their own ideas and work and network with one another. They even had the opportunity to test what they explored during the week with a group of educators at a mingle event.

Artist and participant Barry Jones shared that after the Arts Integration Learning Lab he feels much more focused and clear about his role as an artist in the community: "I loved the open collaboration that happened throughout the week, and plan on continuing to use the tools given to enhance my own practice."

Participants acknowledged that they connected with other artists, experienced a lot of peer learning and left with a deeper understanding of arts integration. Susan Dancer, another participant, said, "This week was an amazing experience that surpassed my expectations. The facilitators did a great job and made the week interesting and informative, as well as fun. I came away feeling inspired, supported and excited!"

Liam Fitzpatrick, an artist from Winlaw, shared that for him it was a "truly insightful experience. A relaxed environment blending peer sharing, art experimentation and professional support. I am truly brimming with inspiration!"

When asked about her experience, Fiona Brown said, "This outstanding workshop surpassed my expectations for everything that the facilitators provided. The professionalism, connection, idea development and opportunities for implementation, resources, support network, thorough answering of questions, and inspiration for ongoing work with arts integration with young people all contributed to a glowingly successful week-long workshop."

Amber Santos said she was very excited to start working with schools. "This experience empowered me as an artist to feel confident in approaching teachers and educators with ideas that are based in my own art practice, to bring meaningful and authentic learning experiences to young people."

This opportunity was made possible through funding support from BC Arts Council and the Government of British Columbia's Creative Futures program.

If you are interested in professional development opportunities based in arts integration, email [email protected]

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