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May 08, 2023

ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence 2023: Laura Rechwan


Laura Rechwan  Ignites Artist 2023

Laura Rechwan

“I am interested in giving physical shapes to the energies that surround us.”

Discipline: Mixed Media Sculpture, Ceramics, Public Art

Definition: I create sculptures that combine all sorts of materials, including metal and clay, and I like to show my art in public spaces.

ArtStarts: How would you describe your experience of the ArtStarts Ignites program?

ArtStarts’ Ignites allowed me to dive into a meaningful project which I otherwise would not have been able to dedicate time to. Bouncing ideas off other creative people in real time was really beneficial. It was also wonderful to engage with the other artists' concepts and discussions, and interesting to see the connections between our projects, despite different themes and mediums. This residency has left me feeling ignited with the desire to continue to be inspired by the question “what if”?

ArtStarts: How would you describe your experience of sharing an aspect of your practice with young people, through the development of your ArtStarts Explores episode?

Through developing my ArtStarts Explores episode, I was really intrigued by the process of taking an advanced conceptual idea and simplifying it for a younger audience. At first, it was difficult to choose what concept I wanted to work with - is it too complex - and contemplating choosing something more simple but less “core” to my practice. Switching my brain into facilitator mode - especially considering the large age range of the audience - allowed me to better understand my own motivations behind why/how I create, and also reignite my own curiosity for seeking new ways to create.

ArtStarts: Can you share three words to describe your Explores process?

Relocation, Play, Feeling.

To follow Laura's work, find her on Instagram or on her website.

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