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May 08, 2023

ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence 2023: Megan Dewar


Megan Dewar - 2023 Ignites Artist

Megan Dewar

 “I like to sit with all these broken bits of tile and ceramics and imagine how I relate to them, and notice their beauty”

Discipline: Mosaic

Definition: For me, making a mosaic means using things that seem broken, and reworking them to show their beauty.

ArtStarts: How would you describe your experience of the ArtStarts Ignites program?

Megan Dewar: ArtStarts’ Ignites residency was an expansive experience. Before I began, I was hoping to ‘narrow down’ my artist identity and refine my practice. Although I did deepen an exploration into the intricacies of my chosen medium, the supportive community at ArtStarts and structure of the residency expanded my view of my own practice. I felt encouraged to try new things and emphasize the process of creation. I am very grateful for these lessons and excited to hold this experience as I continue creating!

ArtStarts: How would you describe your experience of sharing an aspect of your practice with young people, through the development of your ArtStarts Explores episode?

Megan Dewar: My art practice involves repurposing broken items, and often physically breaking things further. This practice of breaking things parallels a metaphor within a Disability Justice framework of embracing yourself in an unjust world. It was a fun challenge to rework the act of breaking things, that can be a safety risk, for a younger audience while still continuing the meaning behind the action.

ArtStarts: Can you share three words to describe your Explores process?

Megan Dewar: Breaking, transforming, embracing

To follow Megan's work, find her on Instagram @nutmeg_honeydew 

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