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April 20, 2022

ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence Spotlight: Sarah U

ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence Sarah U

Earlier this year we introduced you to our three ArtStarts Ignites Residency participants. The Ignites Artists-in-Residence program provides early career artists with the time and resources they need to develop their own arts practice from an educational perspective. During the residency, each artist has the chance to facilitate an Explores: Our Privince at Play workshop, our virtual series geared towards young makers. Sarah U is one of the artists who participated in the residency over the past several weeks. We caught up with her to learn more about her experience and project she worked on during the residency. Read on to learn more.

[Image description: A video still from Sarah U's ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence project titled “Forthcoming" features her superimposed over a blank background with repeating elements.]

ArtStarts: What interested you about the ArtStarts Ignites residency and why did you apply?

Sarah U: I applied to the ArtStarts Ignites residency as I am interested in this year's theme "digital work". I am also very eager to take on new opportunities to create, and connect with other artists/ art workers/ art organizations in the city.

ArtStarts: Can you tell us about your project during your residency?

Sarah U: My project titled “Forthcoming” explores how the glorification of overstimulation and overconsumption will shape and transform our bodies in 300 years from now. This work is a collaboration between myself and the machine learning process (VOS system). This project centers on speed, dynamism and restlessness of the modern body.


Sarah U led an Explores: Our Province at Play workshop for virtual audiences as part of the ArtStarts Ignites Residency

ArtStarts: How did the Ignites residency support your art practice?

Sarah U: ArtStarts was amazing in accommodating my needs during my rehearsal/research time in the gallery, by providing me a space to move in, to film and also supplying me with resources such as a laptop, camera, and tripod. I also greatly appreciate the professional development opportunities with the ArtStarts directors, and the networking opportunities with artists in and outside of ArtStarts.

ArtStarts: Now that your residency is over, what’s next for you?

Sarah U: I am very fortunate and honored to be invited by the Dance Centre to showcase this residency project on April 29 as a part of their International Dance Day Program. Other than that, I am involved in a couple of shows in the lower mainland that will happen throughout the rest of 2022. I will continue to create in both live and digital performances, and I am looking forward to emerging as a multi-faceted artist.

ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence Sarah U

If you’re interested in experiencing Sarah U’s ArtStarts Ignites Residency project, “Forthcoming”, check out the International Dance Day 2022 on April 29, 2022. You can also follow her work @sarahuu__ on Instagram. Sarah teaches dance/creative movement in various community centers across the lower mainland, offering parent and toddler classes, children classes, and adult classes. You can find more information about the classes she offers on her Instagram page. Much of her work is listed on her website.

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