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July 21, 2022

ArtStarts Welcomes Co-Director, Development, Winnie Doyle-Marshall

Winnie Doyle Marshall's headshot photo

ArtStarts in Schools is pleased to welcome Winnie Doyle-Marshall as Co-Director of Development. She joins the organization as it transitions to a shared leadership model.

Winnie is a theatre producer who brings her past experience in marketing, production, and fundraising to the role of Co-Director, Development. We thought we would introduce Winnie to the ArtStarts community with a Q&A. Read on to learn more… 

ArtStarts: Tell us about yourself. Where did art start for you? Do you have a creative practice?

Winnie: Art started for me when I was very young. My earliest memory was not necessarily a pleasant one but certainly an impactful one. I remember I was about 4 years old and for my pre-school talent show, I was to get on stage with a beautiful wrap around me made of my mother’s saree and say the word “Kedo”. In Igbo (a Nigerian language), “Kedo” essentially means, “Hello, how are you?” So that was my talent. I went up on stage and I was so incredibly nervous and stage shy. I looked at the audience and stood there for what felt like forever, and then just left the stage without saying a word. I remember crying when I saw my mother backstage saying how sorry I was and how scared I was and my mother was consoling me.

What is funny about that experience is that as scared as I was, I loved the feeling of being on stage. Just 2 years later, my kindergarten teacher had pulled me aside one day and asked me if I wanted to dance with the class for the talent show and I said I would try it. She created choreography and taught us the dances and I ended up loving every minute of it. I participated every single year until we left India, and realized that I had a talent and love for performing.

My creative practice now is theatre producing. I realized that I love being on stage yet, I also love being behind the scenes. So it combines my two loves.

The arts have always been a part of my life in some way. I am of the belief that it is a part of everyone’s life whether directly or indirectly.

Also, is cooking a creative practice? Because that is something I do everyday … both out of necessity and also my love for it.

ArtStarts: What skills, experience, and perspectives do you bring to the Co-Director, Development role?

Winnie: As a producer, I have worn many hats. I have been involved in many aspects of every production I have been a part of. From marketing to fundraising, from design to budgets. It is all a part of my arsenal of skills and experience. I have always worked well with a team - and this co-leadership model really excites me. It encourages communication, the distribution of power and control, and creates a solid base upon which innovative ideas can be built from.  I strongly align with the mission, vision, and the commitment to advancing anti-oppression work that ArtStarts in Schools is focused on and my goal is to help drive this work forward in all aspects of the organization.

ArtStarts: What opportunities do you envision for the Co-Director, Development role?

Winnie: One of my deepest passions and personal core values is to recognize and celebrate diversity, and enable initiatives that provide greater access to the arts in communities. As part of the leadership team, this is work I would like to continue and expand on at Artstarts. In terms of revenue development, I see the work that Artstarts has put into having a solid base of funding. My goal is to continue that work and cultivate deeper relationships while expanding the role of individual and monthly giving at Artstarts. I am excited to be a part of the Artstarts community and have felt so welcome from the staff, the board, and many community members. . I invite you to reach out to me if you would like to connect or discuss funding opportunities. You can reach me at [email protected].


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