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September 28, 2022

ArtStarts welcomes new board members in 2022

The ArtStarts Board of Directors is pleased to welcome eight new board members in 2022. Nabeel Anjum, Kartik Bharadwa, Tina Lai, Angelique Muhorakeye, Pilar Wong Navabi, Mishel Quaal, Suzanne Windsor-Liscombe, and Albert Zhang. Together, the board will play a role in continuing the co-director leadership transition and the strategic vision of ArtStarts in Schools.

ArtStarts would like to thank outgoing board of directors Mumtaz Chaudhary, Kevin Ly, Frances Yip, and Gary Wang. During their time, the board played an integral role in the shared leadership transition, supporting recruitment for the incoming board to be more diverse in their lived experiences and values alignment, and carrying the governance work of the Board forward despite being only four members.

To learn more about the incoming board members, visit our ArtStarts Board page.

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