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July 05, 2023

ArtStarts welcomes new board members in 2023

The ArtStarts Board of Directors is pleased to welcome three new board members in 2023.


Malik Ali is a radio host, dj, and music lover living in Vancouver. As a Junior Financial Analyst at WELL Health, Malik hopes to contribute his knowledge of finance, accounting, and compliance practices to ArtStarts. Malik is keen to create positive experiences.


Marielle Kho has been a digital artist in both the film and video games industries for 13 years, and also enjoys pursuing creativity through the art of costume and prop making. Over the last few years, she has had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at several Game Design classes at Vancouver Film School. She has also volunteered time to serve as a Visual Arts Jury member ofthe Independent Game Festival. Serving on the IGF jury has been an amazing honor and she is proud to influence the industry by supporting and championing independent an underrepresented voices. Recently, Marielle has started volunteering to provide mutual aid in Vancouver's downtown Eastside, by distributing food, water, and supplies to its residents.


Paisley Smith leads the Unity for Humanity Program at Unity Technologies and has built a supportive community of over 500 impact-driven XR and digital media creators. Paisley is an XR filmmaker and creates projects with real-world impact, including “Unceded Territories” and “Homestay.”






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