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January 29, 2020

DIY Creativity in the Maker Space

In 2018, we welcomed Tin Gamboa, Ralph Escamillan, and danielle wensley to be our very first RBC Emerging Artists in Residence at ArtStarts! We’re thrilled to be able to continue this program with the support of RBC; in November, we hosted interdisciplinary artist Romi Kim who created a ballgown entirely out of recycled plastic for her drag persona, Skim. To kick off another year of DIY creativity in the Maker Space, we are thrilled to welcome time-based artist Faune Ybarra to our Gallery in February! 

1. Tell us about your artistic practice! Where did art start for you?

Faune Ybarra: "It started in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I am from. There, the first memory I have is walking down the stairs to the living room to look at the dust specks ambling across the couch as the sun enveloped everything in a golden atmosphere. I always liked staring at what was around me and trying to remember the textures, the shapes, the lighting. Growing up and up until now, I have moved in and out of places quite frequently. My art practice focuses on documenting and interpreting what is around me as a way to understand my (new) environment as home. I identify as a time-based artist as it is the media that allows me to integrate the process of making the work as part of the work itself. I have a special regard for people, tools, spaces, flora and fauna that allow me to work and learn from them as I focus on a new project."


2. What drew you to apply for the Emerging Artist Residency at ArtStarts? 

Faune: "Seeing how important it is for ArtStarts to integrate its community to the space. It was clear to me that ArtStarts sees in its audience a collaborator, a co-creator. Those are two things I have always appreciated from arts organizations and for those reasons ArtStarts is a great place to develop my practice. I can’t wait to listen, work alongside, and learn from young people. I can’t wait to root myself in the space."


3. Tell us about your work with what you call “portable formats.” What does that mean, and why might it be important for young people? 

Faune: "When I say I work with “portable formats” I am referring to the quality of being easily transportable each of my projects has. I work with textiles, film, video, performance, those are media that I can carry with me wherever I go. I think this is particularly interesting to young people perhaps for the same reason. Bringing their art with them wherever they go, start a new art project on their way to the park, collecting leaves to later turn them into something else. With my residency, I hope to inspire some people to be resourceful in and grateful with their environment."


4. What appealed to you about working in a Maker Space for young people and their families? 

Faune: "The conversations and potential bonds I could have with the ArtStarts community in attendance. As well as being able to develop my practice alongside people who wants to learn about STEAM!"


5. What’s next for you, and where can we find more of your work? 

Faune: "I am in the middle of my MFA program at Simon Fraser. What is next for me  is a couple of field trips to complete my research on the intersection of displacement and site specificity. In April I am flying to St. John’s, Newfoundland to present an iteration of this research at an Artist-Run Centre. This year I hope to find the more spaces and more people to root myself in. So far, I am off to great start. Can’t wait to be with you this February, meanwhile people can catch me on my instagram (@wordlessp4commonppl) and my website!"


Make sure to visit the ArtStarts Gallery in February to see Faune at work!

The artist-in-residence program is proudly supported by RBC Foundation's Emerging Artists Project.

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