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December 14, 2016

Supporting the Arts with Happy Feet!

Elyse Dodge and Six Hundred Four

Do you have happy feet? You will once you see these shoes!

Artist Elyse Dodge is one of the creative souls whose artwork is being featured on sneakers by Six Hundred Four. Not only are they fun and stylish, 6.04% of all Dodge Collection shoe sales will be donated to ArtStarts to support arts experiences for young people across BC.

Elyse told Six Hundred Four why she chose to support ArtStarts:

This charitable organization is important to Elyse mainly due to her own immersion in the arts from a very young age, right alongside her siblings. She believes that the creative problem-solving and inventive mindset they had picked up since childhood played a big part in her and her siblings' successes as adults. She wishes for more children to grow up in environments that recognize and advocate the importance of the arts.

Check out Elyse’s Dodge Collection online or visit Six Hundred Four's storefront at 123 Cambie Street, right next to the steam clock in Vancouver's Gastown.

Thanks to Elyse Dodge and Six Hundred Four for their support! And thanks for giving us a great excuse to buy some cute new kicks!

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