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Rent the ArtStarts Gallery for Summer 2019

We are looking for rental proposals that would make use of our 820 sq foot (20’ x 41’) ground floor gallery space located in downtown Vancouver from June 2019 - August 2019.

We welcome rental requests from corporate groups, community organizations, touring educators and performers. We are also keenly interested in offering the space to artists, workshop facilitators, day-camp organizers and other groups looking for space throughout the summer.

Our gallery space will continue to run public family programming on Saturdays from 11-12 PM, but will otherwise be available during our office hours of Monday-Saturday 9:30-4:30. Evening rentals or programming will be considered but will require an additional booking fee for an on-site staff person. Our facility does include a kitchen (second floor, staircase) and gender-neutral washrooms. For full details on our space, and rental assets, please review our ArtStarts Gallery rentals page.

All proposals can be emailed to us at [email protected]

Looking for something simple?

For single day rental opportunities, please contact us at [email protected] or 604-336-0626.

We reserve the right to refuse any artwork or content at our sole discretion. While rentals may be closed to the public, we take cultural safety and cultural appropriation seriously and work to ensure young people and educators engage with cultural knowledge and stories in context.
Apply for Exhibition Space

Apply for Exhibition Space

Groups looking for exhibition space for single day or multi-week exhibitions; however, ArtStarts will not provide any curatorial services. ArtStarts does employ a preparator who will be available upon request (as part of the exhibition rental) for exhibition planning and approvals and can be made available for installations upon request.
Apply for Rehearsal Space

Apply for Rehearsal Space

Groups looking for rehearsal space for single day or multi-week rehearsals. Performers in rehearsal are welcome to ArtStarts’ wifi and rentable parking space; however, ArtStarts reserves the right to refuse or cut short the rental any group whose performers do not respect our facility, office, and staff.

Anticipated Selection Schedule

May 1 - 15: Call for Proposals.

May 24, 2019: Final Day to Submit Proposals.

May 25: Announce successful major rental candidates for 2019 summer season. Successful candidates will be contacted this week by email.

Evaluation Criteria

Applicants will be considered by the ArtStarts staff. Equal consideration will be given to all submissions as long as they have submitted the details as requested in the Elements of Proposal section above. Organizations or groups that offer free, sliding scale or by-donation public programming, or workshops that are designed to offer opportunities to equity groups who may face barriers in other programs, are encouraged to apply with their proposal.

Elements of Proposal

Please include the following in your proposal:
  • Group/client name, contact person, email and telephone.
  • A brief summary of how you intend to use the space.
  • Rental or workshop timeline (including set-up and tear down).
  • Theme or program details (the why and how, as well as the who, ie: Findella Arts Group, looking for practice space for 8 weeks from July - August on Tuesdays for students aged 8-11). Please include the age range of your participants.
  • For corporate events, parties or single day private rentals, please contact [email protected] rather than submitting a formal proposal.
  • Proposed Budget/Compensation to ArtStarts
  • This submission process does not require applicants to pay the regular rental rates for our gallery space but will still require that ArtStarts be compensated for administrative time, host costs, nuisance/cleaning fees (if required). We are looking for proposals to activate the space, so be honest about what you can afford, what you are able/want to pay and be transparent! We’re interested in talking to you about what you’d like to do in our space.
  • Indicate whether it is a public or private program.
  • Indicate whether alcohol (event permit is the responsibility of the applicant) or security will be required for your event.
  • A description of how you plan to use the space. Consider reviewing the map on page 5 of our rental PDF to sketch out how you intend to use the space
  • Submission Details

    Candidates looking to submit a request to rental or make use of the space as a workshop host must submit their request in writing. PDFs are preferred but a formatted email or printed letter of interest delivered by mail (no later than May 15th)  will be considered.

    Exhibition requests will need to supply: curatorial team, installation notes (how work is to be received/transported, installed and sold/removed) and details about the content. The show’s theme and curatorial direction is also required upon submission (even if the final work is not yet selected*.

    Unless indicated and negotiated as part of the installation fees (hiring ArtStarts preparator), all fixtures to install the show as well as materials required to return the space to our gallery standard will be the responsibility of the candidate. Tentative/requested installation hours/timelines must be included in submission proposal.

    Possible Challenges/Notes for Consideration

    Please note that ArtStarts public programming runs Saturdays from 11-12. The gallery will be accessed by the public and will not be available to private or closed rentals at this time. Our Annual General Meeting will take place on June 7 and 8th and will impact rental availability on these dates.

    The ArtStarts mezzanine gallery and upstairs LAB will remain open throughout the summer and so the building will be accessible to the public Tu-Sa from 9:30-4:30. Our washrooms are public and gender neutral.