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Artists in the Classroom Eligibility Quiz

Find out if your project is a good candidate for an Artists in the Classroom grant by answering the questions below.

1. Who are you?

2. What kind of project are you looking to fund?

3. Does your project involve a professional artist?

4. Does your artist live in British Columbia?

5. Are you applying from a standard public or independent school?

6. What grade levels will be involved in your project?

7. When will your project take place?

8. During what hours will your project take place?

9. Are you receiving funding from BC Arts Council or other ArtStarts sources for this project?

10. What will you use the funding for?

11. Did this quiz answer your questions about AIC eligibility?

This quiz is intended as a resource only. Your answers will not be stored, or used to assess the eligibility of your application. If you have further questions, please contact our Grants Manager at 604-336-0626 or [email protected]