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July 09, 2019

5 Reasons to Apply for the ArtStarts QTBIPOC Showcase Intensive

QTBIPOC Showcase Intensive

If you haven’t already heard, we are offering a new initiative to support QTBIPOC artists to apply to our annual Showcase event and join our Artist on Tour Directory to perform on stages for young people. The QTBIPOC Showcase Intensive happening August 10 and 11 will help open the possibilities for your art practice to further develop your career in the arts. 

In case you need a little more clarity on why this program is for you, here are five reasons to apply:

1. Every year, teachers from across the province flock to ArtStarts’ Showcase to hire artists to perform in their schools. The Intensive is designed to help you get onstage at Showcase and hired successfully to work with thousands of students! -Did we mention we take care of alllllll the booking logistics, too?

2. Remember what high school was like? How about elementary school? Then you already know students need the arts, and to see themselves represented through the arts. Especially QTBIPOC students.

3. Too shy to ask for reference letters? Not really ever sure how to put together an artists’ resume? No problem - we’ll walk you through all those skills during the program!

4. Not sure what you’d actually do if you worked with young people in schools? No worries! We’re here to help you figure that out. All we need to know is that you’re curious! (Worried that your art practice isn’t “queer enough?” No such thing! You don’t have to be presenting content about your identity to students. We want QTBIPOC circus performers, classical dancers, traditional storytellers, country musicians….you name it)

5. If you attend the Showcase Intensive, we’ll waive all the fees and costs associated with ArtStarts’ Showcase later in the year. It’s free now and we’ll make it free for you later!

Bonus reason: We’ll cover the costs for each of you to get new headshots from Photos By K. Ho, because we know how stressful and expensive it can be to get professional photos done.

Extra bonus reason: Have you seen the mentors you will be working with over the two day intensive? Mamarudegyal MTHC, Jojo Zolina, and Nancy Lee have done the work and will be sharing their knowledge to help you succeed! 

The deadline to apply has been EXTENDED to Monday, July 22, 2019. 

Apply Now

Have questions about the application process? We want to help! Email us: [email protected].


This initiative is supported by the City of Vancouver through a Creative City Strategy grant.

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