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November 15, 2014

Transferring Everyday Objects into Art: Art Fundamentals with Julie McIntyre

Last Saturday we were excited to welcome a committed group of teachers and artists to the launch of our first workshop in the Art Fundamentals creative learning series: Transferring Everyday Objects into Art with artist Julie McIntyre.

We started our session with an introduction to the ArtStarts Gallery and highlighting the importance of the work that emerges when artists and educators work together and form a creative partnership during Artists in the Classroom residency projects showcased in our gallery space.

Julie shared some samples of her work with us and introduced us to her fascinating world of juxtaposed marks and multi-layered imagery on print and fibre textures. We all enjoyed exploring some of her personal artwork and understanding the complex technical process behind her pieces that includes lithography, monotype printing, dry- point etching, serigraphy (or silk screen printing) and even machine sewing on money paper!

After being inspired by Julie's work, we moved into our Lab space where she had a special setup, including a real press (or "clunker" as she calls it) where she demonstrated different image transfer techniques and made the seemingly intricate world of printmaking accessible to us.

It was fascinating to discover how a wooden yo-yo can create excellent printmaking results and how a pastel-like texture appears when water-based markers on a sheet of plexiglas are transferred to a wet rag cotton paper using the monotype print technique.

We all lined up with excitement waiting for our turn to use the press, ready with our collages of inked scraps including laces, fabrics, wall papers, metal gears and more. Many unexpected surprises and happy accidents were revealed.

Both teachers and artists also had a chance to introduce their practice to the rest of the group and made good connections with their colleagues.

Thanks to Julie for sharing with us the playful nature of printmaking and the countless tips that we can now bring into our work with young people!

Here's what some workshop participants had to say about the day:

"It was a very informative workshop and I can see myself implementing the techniques and process in my classroom. Thanks so much." 

"Thanks once again to Julie for such a free flowing and creatively inspiring workshop with simple techniques that can easily be explained to children of all ages. It was great that Julie was able to demonstrate so many different techniques and us explore them in only three hours. Thank you also to ArtStarts' very warm, friendly and helpful curator, Juliana. It was lovely that she participated and shared her thoughts and creativity with the group as well. I will definitely participate in a follow-up printmaking or other workshop for artists and educators organised by ArtStarts."

"Looking forward to the next workshop!!!!"

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