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November 10, 2015

From Classroom to Gallery to Community

Timescapes Colwood Elementary

Remember the colourful round titles that were on display at the ArtStarts Gallery as part of the Timescapes exhibition? They've now found their permanent home in the Colwood community.

The tiles were created by 190 Kindergarten to Grade 6 students at Colwood Elementary School in Victoria, BC, with the guidance of artist Renée Sala. This project was supported by an Artists in the Classroom grant.

The tiles now adorn a new planter at the school for the students and the community to enjoy. A tree will be planted inside, to be officially unveiled after the school's Remembrance Day commemoration.

"The thing that makes me most excited is the way it all comes together," former vice-principal Sarah Laughton told the Goldstream News Gazette. "It ties together work in the forest, learning about art, learning that art can be in important places and physical evidence that art forever lives on their school playground."

Read the full article about Colwood students' artwork in the Goldstream News Gazette.

Photo by Arnold Lim/News Gazette Staff

Here is a video of the Building Community Through Clay tiles at the ArtStarts Gallery, with some insights into the students' creative learning process:

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