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July 15, 2019

Laughing Out Loud! at ArtStarts

At the last weekend of this month, you and your kids will be laughing out loud at our comedic puppet show, Laughing Out Loud! with Kellie Haines! This interdisciplinary performer will feature ventriloquism, music, and clowning during her comedic performance while promoting positivity and encouraging young people to never give up. 

Learn a little more about Kellie and what you can expect at in her show this month:

1. How would you describe your artistic practice to someone who isn't familiar with your work?

[Kellie Haines] "My artistic practice combines puppets who are soft, colourful and playful with witty, fun repartee through ventriloquism and songs you can move and dance to. My background in theatre, clowning, dance, improv, and ventriloquism has helped me tell stories in a unique way. The audience is a huge part of every show and performances are fast-paced and very interactive. In my artistic practice, the children are encouraged to come to the puppets when they are ready to sing and dance. It's a process. Many young people may be shy at first and by the end of the show be on stage dancing and playing and that's totally okay."

2. How long have you been a performing artist?

[Kellie] "I have been a performer since I was eight years old and without giving away my age, I've been working professionally for over 30 years. Performing helped me overcome my own shyness and was a way for me to fit in at school. I have worked on stage longer than I have worked in tv however I enjoy working as a puppeteer on television and learn so much watching other professionals at work."

3. What is your favourite part of performing?

[Kellie] "My favourite part of performing is watching the smiles on the children's faces with their reactions which is priceless. When they are spinning around to my song 'I Want To Play', free of inhibitions, or laughing loudly at Magrau's silly remarks, that is when I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing professionally. Their positive energy is amazing and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do what I do."

4. What do you like about performing for young people? 

[Kellie] "I love performing for young people because a performance to them is still very new. There is so much freedom in young audiences to laugh and to believe in the magic and that keeps me young at heart."

5. What are some of the outcomes you hope young people will take away from your performance?

[Kellie] "The outcomes I would hope for young people to take away from my show is to feel great about themselves! I'd love them to know that everyone is different including puppets, people, nature...and that is what makes life so incredible. I hope young people will be inspired to share their own talents to express themselves in their own individual way. Finally, I hope the audience both young and older will get a good laugh out of the show because laughter is fun.'

We can't wait to see what Kellie, Magrau, and Kamilla will be up to at this free, family-friendly performance. See it in Vancouver at the ArtStarts Gallery on Saturday, July 27 and in New Westminster at River Market on Sunday, July 28. 

Each 45-minute workshop takes place twice, at 11am and 1pm. Please arrive a little early as this is a popular program. Ideal for ages 7 and under, but all are welcome. Free! Donations welcome!

Thank you to Westminster Savings for supporting this monthly event at River Market. 

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