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October 30, 2015

Making Spaces: Transforming a Classroom Through the Creative Process

Making Spaces Professional Development

"Freshly inspiring workshop... not easy to do
with 20+ years of teaching experience."
—Teacher from Braemar Elementary

On October 23, 2015, ArtStarts welcomed 50 educators from all over BC — and even one from Oregon — to take part in the annual province-wide teacher professional development day.

Making Spaces: Transforming a Classroom Through the Creative Process was all about thinking creatively — and practically — about learning, collaborating with peers in hands-on workshops and connecting with a diverse group of elementary and secondary teachers, "arts in education" administrators and artists.

The day started with some group singing to get our creative confidence going before diving into the workshops. Tin Can Studio's Caroline Ballhorn and Jenny Lee Craig presented their recent Artists in the Classroom project, Windsor Wild School: Coywolves, which is currently exhibited at the ArtStarts Gallery.

This was a great way to enter their workshop, Documenting the Hard-to Document. The group learned several mark-making and printmaking techniques, which they all then compiled to create their very own limited edition zines.

"Loved it all — documenting is so very important and what
a great way to do it! Hands-on rocks over digital!"
—Teacher from Mamquam Elementary

Meanwhile, ArtStarts' Infusion Program Manager, Elfred Matining, facilitated the workshop Gallery as a Classroom, Classroom as a Gallery, in which participants were asked to consider activating spaces through a curatorial and design-thinking approach, while also learning about the history of museum spaces. The group was then given a challenge to design engaging exhibitions based on the concepts of recent Artists in the Classroom projects.

Thanks to all the teachers for joining us to explore the possibilities of creativity!

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