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September 08, 2016

Découvrez des ressources pédagogiques en français chez ArtStarts

ArtStarts Gallery

Are you a French speaking teacher, parent or student interested in art and creativity? With the start of the new school year, we're excited to introduce a new resource that presents the content of our current View Finders exhibition in French, as well as French tours of the ArtStarts Gallery.

We always strive to include comprehensive documentation of exhibitions at the ArtStarts Gallery online, so our virtual visitors can learn more about all the student projects from across BC. On our website, you can learn more about featured project, see photos and watch virtual gallery tour videos, narrated by young people.

A new feature has just been added to our current View Finders exhibition: you can now read or download PDFs of French information about each featured project, to use as a learning resource. These PDFs include project information and a description, curricular and community connections, students' reflections and interesting facts.

To download French PDFs, simply visit the View Finders webpage and click on a project that interests you. When the project page opens, click on the link, Télécharger l'information sur ce project en français. Or simply click this link to download the full View Finders package now.

This new initiative aims to make our exhibitions more accessible to the francophone community by providing helpful resources related to real instances of arts integration and learning through the arts that took place in schools across BC.

This venture would not have been possible without the valuable support we received from Madeline Koeberling, one of our knowledge philanthropists who dedicated her time and bilingual expertise to the translation of the View Finders exhibition. Having been enrolled in French Immersion at an early age, Madeline grew up being fascinated by the similarities and differences between languages such as French and English. While she enjoyed studying both these languages in school, her interest in art and photography eventually led her towards a career in graphic design. She feels as though her work as a visual communicator has been partly influenced by her early exposure to a second language, and while she doesn't use French in her everyday life, she welcomed the opportunity to once again use French to translate the content of the View Finders exhibition for ArtStarts.

Thanks to Madeline for helping us make our exhibition more accessible and bilingual! If you're interested in helping support ArtStarts as a knowledge philanthropist to help advance our mission, please get in touch with Navida Nuraney, Executive Director, by phone at 604-336-0626 ext 107 or by email at [email protected]

The ArtStarts Gallery is the first in Canada devoted exclusively to young people's art. Visitors of all ages are invited to explore our exhibition and now you can also book a 90-minute guided tour in French, followed by a hands-on activity. To book your tour and activity, please contact Juliana Bedoya, Gallery Manager at [email protected] or 604-336-0626 ext 105.

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