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Creative Spark Columbia Basin

Small projects can have a big impact. Artists across all disciplines living and working in the Columbia Basin region who have an interest in working with young people in an arts-based capacity are invited to apply for Creative Spark Columbia Basin grants.

Creative Spark Columbia Basin grants support artists to engage young people in schools and communities in arts-based projects. If you relate to any of the statements below, then this grant is designed for you:

  • I'm an emerging artist looking to explore career opportunities
  • I'm a professional artist interested in working with young people and need support to get started
  • I have a project idea but don't have the funds to cover the required materials and supplies
  • I am interested in applying for an Artists in the Classroom (AIC) grant in the future and need to build some experience first

Who Can Apply?

Artists living and working in BC's Columbia Basin region are eligible to apply for this grant. (See detailed map.)

Grant Amount

Creative Spark Columbia Basin grants offer 100% coverage for projects up to $2,000.

Goals of this Grant

Before you apply, please make sure your project fulfills one or more of these goals:

  • Build your capacity and confidence as an artist working with young people and using arts-based learning
  • Provide young people with opportunities to engage actively in the arts, and promote an appreciation of the arts
  • Foster connections between young people, artists, arts organizations and schools

How to Apply

Applications are accepted on a rolling intake until August 1, 2019. Start by reading our Grant Application Guidelines and then complete the online Application Form.

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young people were given opportunities to engage actively in the arts from Oct 2017 to Aug 2018

August 1, 2019

Final Deadline to Apply

Apply Now

Grant Application Guidelines
Online Application Form

Final Report for Funded Projects

Due September 13, 2019

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Emily Beam
Director of Programs
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604-336-0626 ext 110


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