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ArtStarts Gallery programming is now online. Participate in ArtStarts Explores on Facebook

We plan to reopen the Gallery to the public and return to in-person programming in 2022. To be the first to hear about updates, sign up to recieve our newsletter

ArtStarts Explores is a hands-on drop-in workshop series for creative and adventurous families held from 11am to 12pm every Saturday (except the last Saturday of each month, when we present ArtStarts on Saturdays events). Explore creativity with your family through hands-on investigations and discover a wide variety of materials and artistic mediums. These process-based explorations invite families to experiment together through observing, touching, drawing, moving, assembling and listening to ignite their creative learning.

Ages 3-8. Free! Donations welcome.

All ArtStarts performances and workshops are for young people and their caregivers. All adults must be accompanied by a minor.

Attention: Our lift is currently out of order until further notice. Please read more information here.

If you have any questions about this free family workshop, please contact our Program Coordinator, Lily Cryan at [email protected].

ArtStarts Explores
You cannot make a mistake at Explores because mistakes don't exist here! Everything is part of the process! Even if you feel like you messed up or something didn't turn out the way you wanted it, see how you can incorporate that into your experience!
You will not take anything home with you! At ArtStarts you will take home your memories and experiences and new things you learned but you wont take home an object or an art piece. Because everything is part of the process, we focus on the experience rather than the final result. In fact, sometimes we may ask you to rip up your work at the end of the session and leave it here!
Respect! Respect yourself, respect the other folks in the space! You will be making art with a lot of new people and we want to make sure we are respectful of the folks around us. Some ways you can show respect are asking people before touching them and not touching them if they say no, waiting your turn to participate in an activity, helping folks around you, and paying attention to your own body and what you need to participate!
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More Events

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ArtStarts Explores is supported in part by a Metro Vancouver Cultural Grant.