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October 15, 2015

Artists in the Classroom: Designing Memorable Learning Experiences

Check out this month's issue of Adminfo, published by the BC Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association, otherwise known as BCPVPA. The magazine contains an article by ArtStarts' Development Manager, Sarah Kim, entitled "Artists in the Classroom: Designing Memorable Learning Experiences".

Sarah highlights a couple of creative learning projects that took part in BC schools, supported by Artists in the Classroom grants, and unpacks the benefits of these experiences.

Educators around BC know that the arts can make a real impact on young people. They recognize and promote the value of bringing professional artists into their classrooms and have been doing so for decades now. They know that through artistic experiences and processes, artists and educators working together can facilitate many benefits for students including a deeper understanding of themes and content being taught and an embodiment of their learning. Students also benefit from self-reflection that allows them to have genuine discourse around themes and concepts, and provides a voice for students who normally wouldn’t express themselves otherwise.

Read a PDF of the full article online.

We hope Principals, Vice-Principals and their teams who are looking for fresh and innovative approaches to provide deeper engagement and new ideas and perspectives for students will be inspired by these stories. We encourage you to begin a dialogue around collaborating with artists in your own classrooms, and to apply for funding.  Learn more about Artists in the Classroom grants, including additional examples of previously funded projects, online at

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