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October 24, 2019

Why Apply to ArtStarts Showcase?

Calling all dancers, singers, musicians, storytellers, actors, spoken word artists, and any artist who shares their art on stage! We want you to apply for our annual Showcase event for the opportunity to perform for young people all over the province!

This two-day event brings together an audience responsible for booking shows in their schools and communities across BC. After Showcasing, artists can also benefit by being included in our Artists on Tour Directory and a dedicated team to help you with organizing your tours.

We asked Shayna Jones, Zac Gauthier, and Daniel Duggan of Rhythm Resource, who recently had their shows featured at Showcase share the impact this opportunity has made on their careers.

1. Why did you apply to Showcase?

Shayna: “I applied to Showcase for an opportunity to have my work seen by potential contractors from all across the province. I got to craft a high-quality snippet of my work to (hopefully) whet the appetite of the delegates that I would have never otherwise met. Showcase was also an opportunity to see other high calibre performers and to be boosted by the quality of the work that they offer.”

Zac: “I decided to apply to Showcase because I felt that what I had to offer was unique and exciting enough that it would get the attention of schools across the province.”

Daniel: “ArtStarts has a comprehensive and fully integrated approach to providing diverse performing arts for schools. They demand high quality from artists, which the schools appreciate and can trust. They also represent and promote their vetted artists to ALL of the BC schools, which creates many opportunities for artists to share their passion & skills. That’s why I applied to Artstarts. I love that fully integrated approach that creates a platform for sharing my passion and skills with the widest educational audience and creates many opportunities supported by a dedicated team.”

2. Why do you like performing in schools?

Shayna: “I love the sheer delight I witness on the students' faces as they enter into the world of the stories I weave. I love their effervescent appreciation and the hugs I receive at the end of my show. Plus, I love that schools want to bring high-quality performers to their students and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.”

Zac: “I absolutely love performing at schools and my reasons are many, but I would say that my main reason is to have the opportunity to be a lasting, positive influence on young people.”

Daniel: “My ‘Release the Rhythm’ show is all about working together and traveling the world to learn how other cultures use rhythm and percussion to build their communities so schools can build their community together. This finishes with the whole school creating a mass percussion with drumming, tapping, and clapping. The shared joy and energy of everyone in the room is amazing. Every student at each school I visit has a fun, positive experience of the arts and to share that important message to young and creative minds is such a privilege!”

3. How has Showcase helped your career as an artist?

Shayna: “My first Showcase I booked over 60 performances that had me traveling across the province. That year, I would not have booked nearly so many shows in a concentrated period of time for such diverse regions of BC had I not been a part of a showcase like this.”

Zac: “Showcase has skyrocketed my career as an artist. Before this, I was traveling with a band playing the "adult circuit". Trying to book shows and tour was a nightmare, often resulting in playing dive bars to few people, essentially a very hit and miss business. With the help of ArtStarts, I was not only able to get booked clear across the province, I was also able to earn a fair artists wage. It had been nothing short of an outstanding experience.”

Daniel: “Showcase has helped my career by introducing my work to new educational communities and influencers that previously I’d not met. This has led directly to a huge increase in performing opportunities. Also, because ArtStarts are such a well known and trusted organization, the fact that I can say, 'I’ve performed at Showcase' gives instant credibility to my skills with those I’m meeting with for the first time, helping open doors to further opportunities.”

The ArtStarts Showcase will take place on April 8 and 9, 2020 at the ANNEX in Vancouver. Read our application guidelines and apply by October 28, 2019.

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